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One of the tributaries of the Wekiva river, the little Wekiva offers paddlers clear shallow water, beautiful scenery, hidden swamps and sloughs, and up close wildlife.

This tour begins at Wilson’s Landing Park and you travel downstream. Once downstream, a private shuttle brings you back to your vehicle at Wilson’s Landing park where our light lunch is served and your cars are waiting.

All tours begin at 9 am and last about 3.5 to 4 hours.

Experience the Little Wekiva River Kayak Tour

The Little Wekiva River is a stream you will find in the state of Florida in the United States. More specifically, you can find it in the Greater Orlando area. Little Wekiva River measures 18.2 miles (30 kilometers) in length.

This northward-flowing stream is a tributary of the Wekiva River, which ultimately flows into the St. Johns River, the largest river in Florida. The headwaters of this amazing river are located in Wekiwa Springs State Park, and its downstream destination is the St. Johns River.

The Wekiva River is not just a river. The environment where you find the river is so beautiful that it is one of only two rivers in Florida to be designated as a National Wild and Scenic River. The federal government designated the river in October 2000. This designation means that the Wekiva River is worthy of being preserved for future generations.

The Wekiva River system is a landscape that is treasured on a national scale and serves as an exceptional resource for scenic beauty. It offers a wide array of opportunities for individuals to experience a natural environment in Florida that is unlike any other location in the state.


If you are considering a relaxing, educational, and interesting adventure, a Little Wekiva River Kayak Tour might be the right option. Looking at the Little Wekiva River map, you will see numerous opportunities for kayaking spread across our breathtaking river system.

This article will show why Kayaking in the Little Wekiva River near Altamonte Springs is a must for everyone.

Top Reasons Why You Should Have a Kayaking Experience in Little Wekiva River Near Altamonte Springs.

The Little Wekiva River is one of the most scenic places in Florida. That alone is a big reason to visit the place. However, besides the beautiful environment, there are many reasons you must have a Kayaking experience in this place. The following are some of the most important of these reasons. 

You'll Gain Useful Knowledge

Paddling is fun and useful, so why not learn how to do it? The mechanism for paddling in kayaking and other water sports is essentially the same; thus, there is no reason not to learn how to do it.

In addition, guided Little Wekiva River tours provide you with a wealth of information about the area. As you kayak along the Wekiva River, you will notice that you are surrounded by a diverse plant and animal life community.

In addition to offering a stunning background and a variety of ways to have fun, the Wekiva River is also home to a wide variety of plant and animal species. Some guided Little Wekiva Tours in the area have vast guides.

 For instance, the Wekiva Outfitters, one of the best-guided tours in the area, have tour guides with university degrees. These guides have the required education to help you learn more about the environment and communicate environmental issues.


It’s an affordable way of having fun

If you are interested in having a vacation or a thrilling outdoor experience without breaking the bank, this might be for you.

To enjoy a fun-filled Kayaking trip to Little Wekiva River near Altamonte Springs, you do not have to buy your kayaking gear. Except you want to make Kayaking a regular part of your summer routine, you do not need personal gear.

Even if you decide to get personal gear, kayaking gear is not so demanding. The first thing you are going to need is a kayak. Aside from that, the sort of kayaking excursion you have planned will dictate the gear you will need to bring.

If you check the Little Wekiva River map, you will find rental shops where you can rent good quality gear. The good news is, if you use a professional Little Wekiva River Kayak Tour like the Wekiva Outfitters, you get a package that covers your gear and the tour guide at a reduced price. 

If you book your trip with a professional Little Wekiva River Kayak Tour like the Wekiva Outfitter, you do not need to worry about your gear. Wekiva Outfitters will take care of everything, starting with your Kayak to the lifejackets. They will also ensure that every item is perfect for everyone on the trip.


Paddling a Kayak Is an Excellent Form of Exercise

Kayaking is an excellent form of exercise. So, if the benefits of being immersed in nature aren't enough to convince you, there are also many positive aspects associated with the sport.

Some of us need to do more exercise, and Kayaking offers a fantastic chance to do that while enjoying the beauty of nature. By engaging in the activity, you get two benefits in one.

Kayaking is an excellent upper body workout and a sport that engages the entire body. Asides, the activity comes with much wonderful health that comes with Kayaking, especially when you do it in a beautiful place like Little Wekiva River near Altamonte Springs:

  • weight loss,

  • increased core strength,

  • leg toning

  • improved cardiovascular health

Even as beneficial as Kayaking is, paddling a kayak is not as stressful as regular workouts at the gym. Since you can choose your speed, you won't have to be constantly pushing yourself to do better.

You may not burn as much fat on your Kayak, but then, the amount of exercise that can be obtained via kayaking, even at a leisurely pace, is far superior to that which can be obtained from doing nothing.

Kayaking is Easy to Learn

Riding a kayak does not need any prior expertise on your part. Kayaking is an easy activity that even complete novices can pick up in a short amount of time.

Similar to riding a bicycle, it is simple to start from square one. Most novice paddlers can pick up the sport in a matter of hours, provided they have a passable swimming skill and are physically fit.

If you go with a professional Little Wekiva River tour like the Wekiva Outfitters, you get a professional tutor that will teach you well before your trip.

Even if you have never been in a kayak before, you will get the basic knowledge to help you navigate the water easily and have a good time on your trip. You may not be the best paddler right away regarding speed or accuracy; however, expert training from professional tour guides will help you have a fun trip.

After only a few hours of teaching, you will be able to paddle through the Little Wekiva River to observe its beautiful scenery.

Who is the Little Wekiva River Kayak Tour Best For?

Kayaking in a place like Little Wekiva River is a terrific way to spend time by yourself in nature. At the same time, it can be a great way to strengthen relationships when you do it with friends and family.

The range of people who are appropriate for this trip is endless. Everyone can come along, including children above the age of 4.

However, if you aren't an experienced paddler or don't have another experienced paddler with you, you should exercise caution when bringing a child with you.

Ensure that every child has one adult with them in each kayak. If enough adults are present, your child can bring their friends for the Little Wekiva River kayak tour.

Along with strengthening your relationships, you can compete against one another in events like speed races or paddle along at your own pace.

Wrapping Things Up

Little Wekiva River is an amazing one-of-a-kind environment in Florida. It offers a unique scenery that is second to none and offers various possibilities for Kayaking.

Kayaking is one of the best outdoor activities you can engage in. As you can see, it greatly improves your life and general welfare. The activity is affordable and easy to learn, especially when you book your trip with experts like Wekiva Outfitters. If this sounds like something you enjoy, why not try it yourself?

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